10 February 2009


Hmm, a new blog at last..

I am known to be a big fan of lurking online, always staying in the shadows, reading forums that I never register on just for the joy of reading what people write in there, and same goes for blogs.

I'm always in invisible mode on [Insert name of you favorite IM application here] , I rarely reply to e-mails, and hardly engage in any kind of social interaction.

I accustomed myself to enjoy solitude more than company, I like reading about complex scientific topics all on my own, just for the sake of reading, and accumulating as much knowledge as I could in every field possible.

Although it is inciting to keep things the way they are, I found myself in a tough situation here; All of the knowledge I gathered around over the past few years turned into hurricanes of ideas and thoughts, pushing my brain to its limits, and burning through my cerebral cortex, my mind is about to implode, and this is why I created this blog.

This is going to be my own way of arranging them, sorting them, and (if anyone is even reading this) share them with others, in hopes of making something useful out of them.

I would also appreciate it if you take note than English is not my native tongue, so if my linguistics come short, by all means, correct me.

Anyways, my main interests that I will be writing about are: Software development, Biology, and Neurobiotics; amongst other things. (if you think this is a strange mix, you're probably right - but like I mentioned, I do have a hunger for knowledge, and that includes EVERYTHING, so if you see me writing about Aerodynamics or Psychology, don't be surprised).

Another language I might be writing in is Arabic (My mother language), And I conceive that most posts in Arabic will be either programming tutorials, or local chattery about current events in Egypt, etc; If a certain topic deserves it, I'll have it posted in both languages.

I guess that's about it *resisting my desire to cancel this post, I'll click "Publish" now to end this agony*

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