06 August 2009

The teapot of madness..

Hello again, and welcome to my blog!

As strange as this may seem, I think my only motive to write these days is purified, condensed depression, the kind that comes as dark blocks of oozing matter, which would inevitably drive a whole nation into mass-suicide by hydro-electrolyzed-strangulation if a small chunk was slipped into the water supplies by any chance; the bottom line is, you get the point.

My need to write seems to be somehow linked with strong emotional states at the subconscious level, as I'm only incited to indulge in meaningless ramblings when I am pushed into one of those states, and I guess that writing fulfills my need to communicate with others, if not before all; my own self.

By now you're expecting me to state 'the why' after stating 'the how', and my answer is, nothing that can be solved by writing about, people are selfish @#$%, life sucks, etc; and now I'm done, what a relief..

Fulfilled my need to ramble, deflated some pressure from the boiling teapot in my head, thanks, greetings, and have a good day!

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